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Steel Scaffolding

Steel Scaffoldings Supplier in Dubai |UAESteel Scaffoldings Supplier in Dubai UAE

Clinch items were designed to give a convenient, trouble-free way for industrial, institutional, construction, and wholesale firms to buy outstanding workplace items.

Clinch Industries was among the first to recognize the growing demand for tough, dependable equipment on the job site. We have established ourselves as the main provider of steel scaffoldings in the UAE at cheap costs by immediately responding to the requirements of contractors, industrial clients, and home repair customers. Since then, we have expanded to suit the needs of customers who place a high value on job safety and quality. 

Our inventory has grown over the years to include ladders, scaffolding, building materials, caulking, spiral stairways, safety items, and material handling equipment. Furthermore, we have developed excellent business relationships with prominent industrial manufacturers to provide the most competitive pricing to our customers.

Steel Scaffoldings Supplier in DubaiBenefits of Steel Scaffolding  

Steel scaffolding can withstand loads of up to 800 KN.

Steel scaffolding is classified into three types: light-duty scaffolds, medium-duty scaffolds, and heavy-duty scaffolds. Load capacity of 800 KN for heavy-duty steel scaffolding. It can be used for not only standard building scaffolding but also heavy-duty shoring, infrastructure, and industrial construction.

Steel scaffolds have a long life cycle of up to 50 years.

In the construction industry, steel scaffolding is difficult to crack and damage. With adequate care, hot dip galvanized steel scaffolding can last 20-50 years.

Steel scaffolding is less expensive than aluminum scaffolding.  

Carbon steel is used to make steel scaffolding. Steel scaffolding is less expensive than other metal scaffolding materials such as aluminium. As a result, steel scaffolding is less expensive than aluminum scaffolding.

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