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Stairway Mobile Cantilever Tower

Stairway Mobile Cantilever Tower Supplier in Dubai |UAEStairway Mobile Cantilever Tower Supplier in Dubai

When the other side of the tower cannot be supported, the Stairway Mobile Cantilever Tower allows you to work over it. The addition of the cantilever structure allows for greater reach than a regular tower but enables rapid and easy construction. Ideal for conquering various obstacles such as porches, garages, and stairwells. The tower system adds an extra 1.8m of platform length and a range of platform heights from 2.2m to 6.2m. In the UAE, we are a producer and Stairway Mobile Cantilever Tower Supplier in Dubai. To be more specific, it converts a double-width ladder tower.


Standard Aluminium Scaffold Double Width Size: 1400mm x 2000mm Standard Aluminium Scaffold Single Width Size: 800mm x 1500mm
There are two platform lengths: 1800mm and 2500mm.


The toeboard system allows for safe access to the tower. Guardrails are made of horizontal braces.

The Stairway Cantilever Scaffolding allows you to convert a double-width ladder span tower.

Mobile Cantilever Scaffolding allows access up to 1.m outside the cantilever tower frame to overcome barriers such as porches, machines, and so on.

We provide high-quality stairway mobile cantilever towers with integrated ladders and guardrail options.

We supply customized stairway mobile cantilever towers tailored to specific project needs and access requirements.

Instructions and safety information:

Here are some crucial details to consider:

For toe protection, you must wear safety footwear compliant with BS EN 345 when using this item.
This item requires gauntlets, PVC, cotton, or rigger gloves for hand protection.
Guard against falling things. On-site registration is required.
To gather this item, you will need a vehicle at least the size of a truck.