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Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding

Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding Supplier in Dubai | UAESingle Width Aluminum Scaffolding Supplier in Dubai

A single-width tower scaffold is in situations when space is small. The tiny scaffold tower has a working load of up to 225 kg per tower working platform. As a Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding Supplier in Dubai, our scaffolding tower body is a durable, alloy scaffold tower with high tempered and a caster wheel with a dual braking system. You can do multi-level work with this aluminum scaffolding tower. The safety regulation requires a maximum height of 12 meters. Scaffolding may be quickly assembled and dismantled with mobile aluminum scaffolding.

Mini scaffold towers are always light and secure. Customers’ specifications for the 6-rung aluminum frame ladder are met. The best part about these transportable aluminum tower scaffoldings is that they require no maintenance and have extra robust guard rails for increased stability and safety. Corrosion-resistant aluminum mobile tower provides rigidity and longevity. The application of a portable scaffold ladder varies depending on the job. This minimax scaffold’s portable aluminum scaffolding design is very simple and easy to use.

Single Width Scaffolding Features:

Light Weight, Easy to assemble.

Easy to work & safe for working at heights.

Provide the best adjustability for height

Mobility for various job requirements.

Equipped with a Castor Wheel with a locking system to provide mobility & stability.

Used in areas with limited space.

Six-rung frames and built-in ladders are based on the needs of our customers.

A platform’s safe working load is 225 kg.

The caster’s body is chrome-plate, and it incorporates a dual braking system.

Also, working on multiple levels at once is feasible.

The maximum height allowed by safety regulations for this kind of scaffold is 12 meters.

Moreover, Aluminum scaffolds also refers to as lightweight scaffolding since they are simple to assemble and disassemble.

Technical Specifications:-

Length: 1.80 Mtr Width: 0.80 Mtr
Height: 3:20 Mtr to 13:30 Mtr
Platforms: Standard Platform and Trapdoor Platform Maximum load per Platform is 225 kg and for the Entire Tower is 600 kg including Tower.