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Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding

Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding Supplier in Dubai |UAEDouble Width Aluminum Scaffolding Supplier in Dubai

To reduce the hazards, a double-width aluminum scaffolding tower using distinct aluminum fixed ladder frames and Spain frames. As a Double-Width Aluminum Scaffolding Supplier in Dubai, our scaffold facilitates better transportation. While maintaining strong connections through meticulous welding of all joints. A safe operating load of 700 kg per tower will be combined with a double-width tower load capacity of 250 kg per platform. Additionally, it can be selected based on the needs and comes in a variety of base lengths and widths.

The frames have extrusion tubes for rungs that offer a secure grip for climbing. Also, prevents trash from adhering to the surface. The maximum height for a mobile scaffold is 15 meters, while towers higher than 10 meters are fastened to another structure. It also offers the ability to build new platforms and change the heights. Additionally, this heavy-duty aluminum scaffolding is moveable and has brake and release options built in.


Since each frame is a ladder frame, there won’t be any mistakes that could cause delays. Or put anyone using or assembling the tower at risk.

Lightweight frames that maximize strength by fully welding all connections and enhancing safety are designed for improved transportation.

Every frame rung is made of a castellated tube, which resists trash sticking to the surface. Also, offers traction for climbing.

A large functioning ladder frame with a double platform tower facilitates an easy ascension to the summit.
Compared to steel, the tower is lightweight, simple to assemble and disassemble, non-corrosive, and aesthetically pleasing.

To securely fasten pieces, precise, homogeneous tig welding and notching are done.

Towers over 10 meters must be fastened to another structure; the maximum working height is 16 meters.

With the ability to brake and release, these robust eight wheels can support up to 500 kg of weight per wheel.

Technical Specifications:

Length: 2.50 Meter Double-width tower
Width: 1.45 Meter
Height: 2.20 Meter to 17.80 Meter
Wooden Platform: Standard Platform & Trapdoor Platform Maximum load per platform is 225 kg. And for the entire tower is 600 kg inching Tower.