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Scaffolding with Additional Support

Aluminum Scaffolding with Additional Support Supplier in Dubai |UAEAluminum Scaffolding with Additional Support Supplier in Dubai

Scaffolding with Additional Support Supplier in Dubai is a type of scaffolding that has been with additional bracing or other structural elements to boost stability and load-bearing capability. This style of scaffolding is frequently there in situations involving big weights or unstable ground conditions. Scaffolding with additional support plays a crucial role in ensuring stability and safety when working at heights, especially for complex projects or challenging environments in Dubai.

You just need to identify the specific type of support needed, such as outriggers, stabilizing jacks, base plates, or guy wires, depending on the project requirements and anticipated wind loads.

There are several advantages to using aluminum scaffolding with added support, which include: Increased stability: The added bracing or structural features boost the scaffolding’s stability, making it less likely to tip over or collapse. Increased load-bearing capacity: Because of the added support, the scaffolding can withstand heavier loads than normal aluminum scaffolding.
Aluminum scaffolding with added support has a wide range of uses, including construction, industrial, and residential.


All pipes are of aluminum alloy 30 grade t6 Temper.
A 50mm od 2.5mm step
Thickness h frame height 2000mm0 Width 1350 mm cabin height 1000mm Width 1350 mm
Platform size 580mm x 1690mm with aluminum chequered sheet stairway tube size 25mm x 75mm, Height 2500mm,
8 steps width 3 “handrails / horizontal bar/ diagonal bar dia 50mm x 2mm thickness gi ‘u’ clamp
Nylon wheels including foot brake systems outer trigger for four side corners nonslip
Extra-grip flat corrugated mullion stairs high-quality leg grip chequered sheet for the platform’s top
Maximum operating load: 270 kg